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Five Fascinating Factoids

If you enjoy stockpiling fascinating health factoids, here are five for your collection. 1)Herbalife Niteworks, formulated with the tutorship of Dr. Lou Ignarro, Nobel Laureate, is a natural product that works on a cellular level. 2) Its purpose is to promote the body’s natural production of nitric oxide for enhanced blood flow and cardiovascular maintenance. […]

Amazing Health Move

So – you know the moves. You know how to crunch and twist; stretch and strengthen; and tone those thighs.  The question is – how many crunches would you commit to in exchange for an amazing health move that would increase your stamina and energy levels? If you’re desirous of muscle growth and improved delivery […]

Behind The Scenes

Executives depend on assistants. Whatever our chosen profession, support people work on our behalf. Our physical body relies on assistance from vital nutrients.  Excepting, we do not have “my people” who ensure our body is provided the proper tools to perform its work. We are the people responsible for our physical health. Neglect in one […]

What’s A Krill, Can It Help?

Individuals looking to increase their intake of omega 3 fatty acids usually turn to krill oil. This is something that is extracted from shrimp-like crustaceans and turned into a supplement for humans. The benefits behind omega 3 are endless, especially if you want to live a healthier life. While omega 3 helps circulate blood better, […]

Maintain Your Pressure!

While athletes are obvious fans of supplementation leading to the natural bodily production of nitric oxide, there is strong reason for the average person to consume this kind of supplement as well.  After all, we all need to maintain good blood pressure levels simply to live healthy! In some cases, among us are folks that […]