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Inspired By Nature! Intensified By Man!

As a result of the Green Revolution, more and more Americans are adding natural supplements to their health regime in order to prevent and/or reverse degenerative diseases.  Our bodies were genetically programmed to consume simple, natural foods like our caveman ancestors.  Over the years, we’ve moved away from a clean, whole food diet and are […]

Aloha Healthy You!

Aloha is a beautiful Hawaiian word.  The primary meaning is “we share life’s breath.” More familiar translations are “hello” and “good-bye”.  We believe in the spiritual meaning of sharing life’s breath – we are all one.  If you hurt, I hurt in empathy and would be remiss in not sharing the marvelous ways Glucosamine Chrondritin […]

Serious Help For Serious Joint Health

We take joint health seriously. In our constant search to provide you with the latest updates and newest natural supplements, we have found the serious help you deserve. Neptune Krill Oil (NKO), an all-natural supplement supplies the highest, balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids now available in a marine oil supplements. If you’re […]

Naysayer or Yeasayer?

It’s easy to become cranky and negative when we are plagued by stiff, sore, painful joints. It’s comfortable to dwell on our pain and feel sorry for ourselves. After all, we didn’t imagine our life this way! We had goals and dreams, before arthritis. The awesome thing is – we are at choice to change […]

Want to Know a Secret?

The benefits of glucosamine chondroitin for people are pretty well known, and you’ve probably heard all about them.  You may have even used this supplement yourself.  But here’s a little-known secret: veterinarians are starting to prescribe it for older pets!  They have good reason to do this, because osteoarthritis can be just as crippling for […]