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Smart Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Now that pharmaceutical manufacturers can advertize drugs on TV, take a listen to some dreadful side-effects.  They range from allergic reactions to suicide ideation. Barbiturates, anti-depressants, tranquilizers are commonly prescribed for stress related symptoms.  If not so serious, it would be laughable that some cause depression, which is a symptom of stress! Wouldn’t it make […]

Hottest Product

We are proud of our entire product line!  We are especially proud of our hottest, newest product.  MegaRed Krill Oil is continually tested for purity and is free of toxins or heavy metals.  Even more valuable, to you the consumer, our catch of krill is eco-harvested.  The fishing net remains underwater during processing, because after […]

Nature’s Nervine

Do you suffer from “functional hysterical disturbances”, nervous headache, indigestion or St. Vitus’ dance?  If so, perhaps you need a swig of Dr. Miles Nervine!  With “safe” ingredients such as Phenobarbital, Demerol and powdered laxatives, the patient should feel better or die.  However, our ancestors religiously swallowed Dr. Miles’ patent medicine to remain calm and […]

Better Than A Band-Aid For Stressed-Out Brain

In our society people have become so chronically stressed that rage is running rampant.  Road rage, office rage, rejection rage and dozens more labels culminate from stress.  Even when we seek professional help for stress relief, it may not conquer the problem or drugstore pills may cause serious side effects. Conventional drugs act like band-aids […]

IT CAN: Cause Monthly Torture! IT COULD: Disrupt Your Life! IT IS: PMS!

Emotional symptoms such as depression, irritability, mood swings and wanting to jump out of your skin are part of premenstrual syndrome.  In addition, physical symptoms including bloating, breast tenderness and edema contribute to the syndrome.  From a natural healing perspective there is no reason to suffer monthly torture. MegaRed Krill Oil has been proven to […]