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Think Fast! Where is your Kid in the Brain-Lane?

Parents want their kids to be smart, think fast and retain what they learn.  Unfortunately, few kids run in the fast brain-lane. A large part of brain development depends upon the daily diet.  Children who can’t focus or lack concentration typically ingest pure junk, like hot dogs, potato chips, cokes and sweets.  Even if you’re […]

Brain-Drain Solution No-Brainer

It’s happened to most of us.  We’re in mid-sentence when the subject of the conversation up and disappears.  Some people laugh and mumble something about a “brain-drain”.  Or, a less sophisticated person might comment, “I’ve had a brain-fart.”  No, you don’t require a brain-transplant.  The solution is a no-brainer. Nourish your brain with krill oil […]

Brain-Preparedness for Golden Years

We’re aware of the joys associated with an orderly life.  You wouldn’t proceed to bake a cake without proper ingredients, would you? Could you finish a novel without formulating a plot?  Yet, it’s amazing how many people sit back and wait for their golden years without preparing their brain! We now know cognitive decline is […]

Things You Won’t Miss ’till They’re Gone

Your lover going off to find himself; your child leaving for college; your memory.  So sorry, we’re not in the business of finding people and we don’t have a supply of children to fill your empty nest.  But, we can help your body recoup its mental clarity. Krill oil is a brain tonic that improves […]

What Gives a Boost to any Brain it Touches?

Krill oil does!  This brain-boosting supplement doesn’t discriminate against age or gender.  From infants to elders, it supports, enhances and maintains optimal brain functioning in all who take the dietary supplement. Research shows that seniors who test higher in DHA blood levels have a 47% lower risk of dementia.  Numerous studies have proven that the […]