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Youthful Soul Windows

If it’s true you can get away with almost anything in your twenties and that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then you’d have stay looking like your in your twenties to hide your sins!  Unfortunately, you don’t get to stay young forever and bad habits like smoking, unhealthy foods and improper rest […]

Wash Face!

Well, it never stops and it’s not going to!  Aging, unfortunately, is a simple fact of nature.  Even if we want to stop it, we really cannot.  But, since there are so many of us who want to know tips about turning back the clock, here’s what I just heard on a radio interview. A […]

A Personal Choice

When considering the quality of life I would choose, many different thoughts come to mind, but no surprise, it always lands on good health.  The old adage seems to be true, without your health, you have nothing.  So all the riches in the world really cannot replace good health because it really is essential to […]

Touched By An Aloe?!

What a fun little journey I just had!  I’ve been researching the aloe vera plant and aloe vera juice.  I’ve found that it’s not only one of the amazing plants on this planet, but it has some wonderfully colorful legends about it that have been passed on through the centuries. Some say that Aristotle advised […]

Strength Of Resistance!

For hunting and gathering tribes in ancient China, Schizandra chinensis was considered a staple food.  This creeping, red berried vine is native to Northern China and eventually became a traditional medicinal herb called wu-wei-tzu. It was primarily used for dry cough, asthma, night sweats and chronic diarrhea.  Schizandra also became known as a tonic for […]