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The Perfect Fit!

When I began my personal challenge of weight loss and getting back into shape, I searched numerous types of programs to find the one that actually fit my needs.  What that meant, was I had to first define my needs!  After much consideration, it became pretty clear that I wanted a program that was simple, […]

Lean, Efficient, Strong!

When you’re working to lose weight and shed those unwanted pounds, of course besides keeping a disciplined physical activity schedule, you want to be aware of the amount of calories you’re consuming.  Calculating a good body mass index (BMI) rating will help greatly when determining the amount of food you should eat. Something to keep […]

Optimum Efficient Health!

When you’re looking for way to keep you and yours happy and healthy, look for the kinds of foods that are highly efficient in terms of good calories for good nutrition and energy.  Foods with excessive fat calories will not do the trick.  Some of those foods can be fun for a treat now and […]

Stay Happy And Healthy!

Reflecting on the holiday season, seeing friends and family, and realizing how truly precious they all really are to our lives, I, for one, find myself feeling a lot of gratitude for their health.  Let’s face it, those close to us wouldn’t be available to us if their health was an honest issue. So let’s […]

Maintain Brilliant Skin!

We all know that keeping your skin clean is essential to a fresh and healthy look.  The key is to cleanse your skin with a lotion cleanser that gently dissolves dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of it’s natural moisture and nutrients. Herbalife nourifusion presents cleansing lotions for all types: dry, oily and normal […]