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LeaveThe Chalk OnThe Board

Chalk is for the chalk board, not your daily menu. Many meal replacement programs offer shakes and juices that taste like chalk scraped off a dusty board in the schoolhouse. The gritty, grainy texture is unappetizing and causes many people to give up before progress is achieved. Fortunately, Herbalife is now offering chalk-free meal replacements […]

Feel Great, Look Great!

When it comes to feeling great, inside and out, it is all within your control. Proper skincare will mean a lot more to you than you might realize. It is not just about having that glowing skin that will make you feel that overwhelming confidence that you have always wanted, but it’s also about being […]

Energy Suck

When your brain is fatigued you have less endurance. Studies suggest that fatigue might suck the energy from areas of the brain responsible for your feeling of effort.  Protein shakes from the Herbalife program provides vital nutrition on a cellular level to enhance your endurance. You’ll never get bored with your delicious shake because there […]

Jet Set

If your job requires frequent travel to fascinating places, the obvious perks may come with a serious downside. Sitting for long stretches – on the plane, in meetings, in rental cars – is certain to pack on the pounds. Combined with frequent high-carb, sugar laden meals in fine restaurants, not only will your body get […]

Buddy System

If you can’t stick with a diet plan, have you considered the buddy system? Recruit a buddy from your co-workers and have a pre-planning meeting about the Herbalife weight loss diet. Whether you need to lose a little or a lot, even as little as 15 pounds will result in lowered blood pressure and a […]