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What Next?!

When you think of it, amazing things often are discovered from coincidence.  After all, the famous stories about immunization and penicillin are truly entertaining and yet turned out to change the way the world did things!  The same sort of thing is happening in the world of omega 3 discoveries. Omega 3 benefits were actually […]

The Health Boost

Many people have contacted me asking what is that supplement that I’m referring to when speaking of heart health, blood pressure, circulatory and cardiovascular health and natural nitric oxide production in the body.  Obviously, this is a popular subject in general health because of its vital nature.  Without heart health, we are very limited in […]

Maintain Your Pressure!

While athletes are obvious fans of supplementation leading to the natural bodily production of nitric oxide, there is strong reason for the average person to consume this kind of supplement as well.  After all, we all need to maintain good blood pressure levels simply to live healthy! In some cases, among us are folks that […]

No Mystery!

There are many athletes that have experienced energy and stamina enhancement plus an increase in muscle strength from adding herbal dietary supplements that promote natural nitric oxide production to their diet program.  This is believed to be due to the fact that nitric oxide in the body will boost circulation and aid maintenance of a […]

Remaining Active

Continuing reflection relevant to the complexities of physical activity, I’m once again reminded of the chance occurrences of pulls and sprains of joints and muscles when participating in our various workout programs.  The truth is, in a way, we’re actually trying to stress our bodies so as to grow strength and endurance for sustaining high […]