Madrid.2.75Hello everyone. thank you for checking out REK’s Flections, my newly formed community blog. My name is Roger Kern, and R-E-K is not only my initials, but a nickname that stuck with me over the years. This blog is a place where I will post my reflections , REK is me, and therefore came the blog name: “REK’s Flections. “
I will be posting my reflections about an array of experiences I’ve had adventuring through the internet world including my various marketing dealings from product niches to the web-building companies I engaged, and, about my newly discovered internet passion, that of online option investing in the stock market, from the training I’ve experienced to the actual ups and downs of the trading experience itself.  All of the experiences have afforded me an intense education in my latter years!

Obviously these “rek’s flections” will take on the quality of shared stories, opinions and reviews that I hope you will find enjoyable and perhaps even useful. And, as this is a community blog, I also hope you will share any related experiences of your own. I will look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your sharing.
Till then, bye for now, and thanks again for visiting REK’s Flections!

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