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Gotta Practice! _ Stock Log

These days the primary focus among my list of passions, and believe me there’s a list because I’m trying to find what really works, is on my training and exploring the options trading sector of the stock market. I began reflecting on how I got here. As I’ve mentioned before, like a lot of baby […]

A Little Bit of History About “REK” and REK’sFlections

Who is REK anyway? Actually REK is me, Roger Kern. Hello and welcome to my newly formed community blog, “REK’s Flections”. My middle name begins with ‘E’, I’ll let you guess what that stands for. Obviously the nickname, REK, comes directly from my initials. I used it as my log in name for trivial pursuit […]

A Quick Hello!

Hello everyone. thank you for checking out REK’s Flections, my newly formed community blog. My name is Roger Kern, and R-E-K is not only my initials, but a nickname that stuck with me over the years. This blog is a place where I will post my reflections , REK is me, and therefore came the […]

Herbal Remedies Supporting Cholesterol Levels And Healthy Hearts!

What is hypercholesterolemia?  It is best known as “high cholesterol”.   Such cholesterol levels as low HDL cholesterol or high LDL cholesterol can be direct causes of stroke or heart disease. These levels may be controlled through diets containing low cholesterol, yet those diets often need some support.  Many experts agree that some natural herbal remedies, […]

Herbalife Supplements Celebrating Long Lived Success!

We are overwhelmed with advertisements about different health products everyday.  So much so that people begin to wonder if someone is just trying to sell anything they can for profit or if any of it really works!  For instance, do herbal supplements really work? While there is a lack of controlled clinical testing about herbal […]