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Never Boring!

Do you sometimes have to entice yourself to stick to your diet?  If so, you’re not alone!  I’m one of those that needs to like what I eat no matter what!  If anything tastes bland or like diet food, I just can’t get myself interested! I’d honestly have to find something else for my diet […]

It Works!

Every day, when I get up, I make myself a cup of herbal tea from herbalife’s concentrate.  My favorite is the raspberry tea.  The nickname for this tea is drink and drink and shrink.  That’s because it contains extracts from green, oolong, black and pekoe teas for a super, yet natural, metabolism boost.  Usually I […]

Give Yourself A Break!

Being overweight comes with so many potential problems. The risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, just to name a few, is at a much higher rate of probability when we are obese.  And besides all the potential problems, it just looks and feels bad and will leave you unhappy! Did you know that a […]

Check It Out!

Did you know that whatever your health goals and challenges are, Herbalife is one of those companies that has something natural, organic and herbal that is good for you and your whole family?  The truth is, Herbalife set out to respond to peoples needs from the natural and herbal point of view many years ago. […]

An ACE For Face!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “ACE for your face”?  I first heard it when learning about herbalife nourifusion.  That’s a natural skincare product line that is actually infused with vitamins for skin nutrition! Turns out that vitamin A applied topically has demonstrated through testing that it reduces lines and wrinkles, provides good acne control […]