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Statin Happy

This must be said about high cholesterol.  From a holistic point of view, it appears mainstream medicine has gone statin happy. Folks, these drugs are lethal.  Not only can they attack your muscles, they rob your body of valuable coenzyme Q10.  Please, be an informed patient.  If your medical doctor doesn’t inform you about dangers […]

Doctors Of Chiropractic Weigh-in

Those of us who prefer holistic care to mainstream medicine value chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors get to the root cause of any dis-ease we suffer! So, we deemed it worthwhile to invite doctors of chiropractic to weigh-in on glucosamine chrondroitin. As we suspected, a majority believe the supplement “potent” in battling the root cause of degenerative […]

Just Say Yes

The media constantly affirms we should “just say no” to abusing our body.  But, maintaining a negative mindset in other areas might persuade us to refuse good things of life.  Would you agree to open your mind to the possibility that a majority of natural therapies are helpful, not harmful? If so, “just say yes” […]

Supplement or Surgery?

If you had a choice between taking a natural supplement or submitting to surgery, which would you choose?  What if you could save your teeth without gum surgery?  Natural medicines have helped people for centuries, but some still view them with skepticism. Periodontal disease is prevalent in America, due to bacteria, which forms plaque.  Diseased […]

Beating Those Athletic Bummers

If you’re an otherwise healthy athlete, who is experiencing degenerative joint disease, we have the solution for beating those athletic bummers.  You probably understand that repetitive actions like running bases or marathon workouts create abnormal wear-and-tear on your joints.   So, what would you give to stop pain and inflammation of deteriorating joints from sidelining you? […]