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Brain-Drain Solution No-Brainer

It’s happened to most of us.  We’re in mid-sentence when the subject of the conversation up and disappears.  Some people laugh and mumble something about a “brain-drain”.  Or, a less sophisticated person might comment, “I’ve had a brain-fart.”  No, you don’t require a brain-transplant.  The solution is a no-brainer. Nourish your brain with krill oil […]

What Gives a Boost to any Brain it Touches?

Krill oil does!  This brain-boosting supplement doesn’t discriminate against age or gender.  From infants to elders, it supports, enhances and maintains optimal brain functioning in all who take the dietary supplement. Research shows that seniors who test higher in DHA blood levels have a 47% lower risk of dementia.  Numerous studies have proven that the […]

Krill Oil – Not Just for Adults

Your priority as a parent is to keep your child safe and healthy.  You put nutritious meals on the table, but she turns up her nose.  He’d rather have a fast food happy burger.  Is it any wonder American children are becoming obese, due in a large part to nutrient deficiency? Developing brains require more […]

This is Your Brain on Krill Oil

We apologize to the creative mind who symbolically visualized our brain on drugs as fried eggs.  Your brain won’t fry on krill oil, but it will fire-up.  You can face any obstacle, large or small when you take quality krill oil supplements. A major portion of brain-juice is made-up of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 phospholipids […]

Ancient Secret to Better Health

Is a healthy life something you desire?  Would you be surprised to find out there is a shrimp like creature Japanese people consider beneficial that could hold the key?  Would it further shock you to learn that this is not an improved or new product on the market, but something our ancestors naturally came upon […]