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My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part thirty-one)

If you’re going to lose weight, you’ll need to be at least a little active.  You might want to join a gym, or enroll in some kind of exercise or stretch class.  Or even a dance class.  You know, something that makes you physically move! And when you involve yourself in activity, you’re going to […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part thirty)

When I first started my diet herbalife program, I wasn’t really looking for much other than feeling better and having more energy.  And, yes, it did seem to boost energy quite well and quickly too!  But, because I started having a little more pep and energy, I started looking into why I was having these […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part twenty-nine)

According to today’s science, for humans, nutrition is essentially defined as the seven different substances required for sustenance of life in the human body.  Those substances are: carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water.  This is fairly common knowledge.  But what hasn’t seemed to find common ground, is our thinking about nutrition and what […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part twenty-eight)

Of course, everyone needs a diet that includes all the required food substances.  And it’s best to make sure those nutrients are delivered to the right places.  Many experts now agree that the most efficient diet for support in this is a diet that adheres to the principle of cellular nutrition, similar to my diet […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part twenty-seven)

So what makes certain things so crucial in a diet, or a “get in shape”, or a “just have more energy” kind of program?  Well, you can start with what’s essential to experiencing good health.  One of the primary, and absolutely necessary, ingredients in such a program is good nutrition.  So if good nutrition is […]