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You Gotta Have Heart!

Like the song lyrics remind – you gotta have miles and miles of heart.  Essentially, humans are heart-dependant.  Along with other functions, this vital organ is responsible for pushing blood through miles and miles of blood vessels.  To accomplish this monumental task alone, the heart requires endless energy. Therefore, cells in the heart demand more […]

Reinvent Yourself

Do you shuffle your feet, in attempt to make it from one Friday to the next?  Is your favorite form of exercise clicking from one channel to the next?  Do you get breathless from walking up one flight of stairs?  Is junk food your favorite food group?  If this describes your life, sounds like you’d […]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (not)

 If you stay abreast of clinical studies, you’ve heard about the connection between insomnia and escalated risks of heart disease.  For example, pursuant to 15 research studies involving 475,000 participants, a link was established between chronic sleep deprivation and a 48% heightened risk of dying due to heart disease. Coenzyme Q10 is a heart-friendly natural […]

Normalize Cardiac Arrhythmia the Natural Way

Cardiac arrhythmias (seriously irregular heartbeats) do not resolve themselves.  Conventional medicine’s first line of treatment is calcium channel blockers.  Frequently, these prescription medicines do not work or oddly enough, they can bring on a heart attack.  In addition to making healthy lifestyle changes, like healthy diet and exercise, adding the natural supplement coenzyme Q10 can […]

Stressed? Soldier-on!

Stress is inevitable in our society.  It affects your physical body in myriad negative ways.  When stress leads to chronic pain and depression, it gets more and more difficult to soldier-on.  As health-conscious individuals, we should make every effort to find effective treatment because stress is a prime risk factor for heart disease. During stressful […]