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Calorie Control

With a further thought on optimal nutrition with good eating habits and healthy calorie intake, it’s important to mention that some of us might need meal replacements to help us control calorie intake.  There are a number of good meal replacements out on the market to choose from, but for me, none are as effective […]

Never Better!

While we’ve been on the topic of optimal health nutrition, I wanted to mention the importance of optimal food intake.  By this I mean optimal calorie intake.  It’s not going to be very healthy for you if you take in too many calories no matter how healthy the food is!  Especially for those of us […]

Protect Your Nutrition!

We are all so aware of how important nutrition has become.  So many environmental challenges have manifested problems in our world that almost daily we hear of some part of our food supply being labeled as unhealthy or even harmful!  So what does one do to make sure they and their loved ones get the […]

From A Chubby Bunny To A Skinny Minny

Losing weight is a dream of almost everyone.  It is very tempting to pick from a host of weight loss supplements from drugstores and just as easily pop one into our mouths. They come as pills, drinks that contain fibers or beverages in the form of tea. Each claims to burn fat and shed pounds. […]

Mask Of Vitamins

With our environmental conditions come many toxins and dirt in the air.  It’s important that we not only protect our skin from the suns ray with a good SPF lotion, but that we take a little time to extract the impurities that actually get into our skin.  This way our skin will be revitalized and […]