Monthly Archives of : February, 2011

Show Your Newest!

By now we all know that the newest skin cells are growing just under and emerging to the surface layer of the skin.  So it stands to reason that if you want the newest skin cells to be showing, then it’s very effective to help the natural process of sloughing off the old cells. This […]

Growing Younger!

Well the word’s out!  Many of our associates have been using a new collagen building skin care product line to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  The testimonies from all these people are unanimous!  Their skin looks more vibrant and youthful not only to themselves, but to everyone who sees them! The product line I’m referring […]

Keep Your Brilliant Shine!

Interestingly, yet not surprising at all, when we talk about “herbalife beauty”, we’re usually taking about a great zealousness for life that shows through an individuals vital energy as well as their glowing, healthy appearance.  Consequently it follows that herbalife beauty refers to inner nutrition as well as outer nutrition. What is outer nutrition?  Did […]

Inspiring Beauty!

You know, once in a while you just have to acknowledge those around you for the good things they do.  In this case, I just want to say that my fellow team members, on our diet herbalife program team, are all doing such great things for their personal health, and being such great examples to […]

Fine Tuning!

Something I want to make sure I’m doing is absorbing as much of the good nutrition from my chosen diet as possible.  In a way, we’re like machines that require fuel to run.  But unlike machines, we are able to fine tune ourselves and choose our own fuel.  The more finely we tune ourselves the […]