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Prepared For The Next One!

One of the major components of an exercise or physical activity program for fitness, believe it or not, is getting the proper rest!  Yes, in order to stay fit and be able to participate fully in any fitness activity, one must recover well enough to do it repeatedly and consistently. And since this kind of […]

The Super Special Formula!

When I’ve managed to overdo a workout, or some physical activity, the first thing I do is try to recall the exact moment when I felt something pull or strain.  That way I can pay particular attention the next I’m doing the same activity or exercise so I don’t repeat the mistake.  A general rule […]

Works For Me!

As I’m heading out the door early this morning to work out at the gym, I’m very aware of my lower back!  Somehow I strained it a few weeks back and ever since then it will be painful at random moments.  Sometimes it really grabs like it wants to go out on me! I can […]

Natural Energy Boost!

Besides recently being part of a number of energy drink recipes concocted by famous herbalists and some energy deserts from the kitchens of celebrities, guarana seeds have been around since ancient times.  The ancient Amazonian would make a powder for tea by washing, drying and crushing the guarana seed. Today, guarana is used in sweetened […]

Go Al Nautural!

Besides being careful not to overdo it, the formost concern when one is on a physical activity, or workout, program is to make sure you maintain healthy body hydration.  Dehydration can lead to very serious health concerns.  And part of that dehydration is the loss of electrolytes. Make certain you’ve found an excellent sports energy […]