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Normalize Cardiac Arrhythmia the Natural Way

Cardiac arrhythmias (seriously irregular heartbeats) do not resolve themselves.  Conventional medicine’s first line of treatment is calcium channel blockers.  Frequently, these prescription medicines do not work or oddly enough, they can bring on a heart attack.  In addition to making healthy lifestyle changes, like healthy diet and exercise, adding the natural supplement coenzyme Q10 can […]

A Supplement Worth Showing Off

There are a lot of things that can go wrong as you get older.  The “silent killer,” otherwise known as high blood pressure, could sneak up on you.  You could get prescribed medications that deplete your body’s store of Coenzyme Q10, which is potentially the scariest thing ever.  Your body will deplete itself of CoQ10 […]

Challenging for a Reason

Certainly, it is easier to avoid challenging accepted medical practices.  Quite a few medical practitioners stand fast in the center of the stream.  Disdainful of alternative forms of care like herbs and holistic treatment, they demonstrate little inclination to review the possibilities.  Although shown to be an authentic supplement, coenzyme Q10 is dismissed. Good body […]

Rebels With A Cause

About challenging mainstream medicine, just call us rebels with a cause.  Holistic treatment, herbs and alternative modalities continue to be viewed “controversial” by a majority of conventional medical practitioners.  One might speculate whether “they” would rather be right or dead.  For instance, coenzyme Q10 is among numerous supplements proven authentic by scientific studies. The total […]

Make Life Last

The Fountain of Youth has yet to be discovered, in the meantime, krill oil is an auspicious way to make life last.  It contains large amounts of astaxanthin, the strongest discovered natural antioxidant to date.  The body needs antioxidants to fight free radicals and protect it from disease-causing cellular damage. Astaxanthin reduces wrinkles and inflammation; […]