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We Are All Energy

In the metaphysical realm a tenet states, “All is energy”.  Even solids are simply energy forces moving at heightened levels, which gives us a dense perception of the item.  The human body is simply energy.  If we find that our energy sources dry up, then our bodies could no longer exist.  Tihs is what takes […]

Care for the Skin that Protects You

Have you noticed wrinkles and lines on your face and arms?  Was the skin dull rather than the healthy glow you usually see?  It is time to care for the skin that protects you, with the help of sea creatures known as krill. Protecting your skin involves returning the smooth texture it once had as […]

Check Off Your Bliss List

It’s been shown that conception is the number one goal on the list of childless couples.  If you and your partner are tired of countless medical appointments, and if you both are tired of lab tests, then there’s hope for you both.  You both should take Coenzyme Q10 supplements. In addition to promoting enormous heart […]

Bliss List

Parenting rates #1 on the bliss list of countless childless couples.  If you and your spouse have trekked from doctor to doctor where you were subjected to numerous medical tests, don’t give up just yet.  There is new substantiation that coenzyme Q10 works to improve male fertility! It has become apparent that the concentration of […]

All Is Energy

A metaphysical tenet states: “All is energy”.  Things we see as a solid is energy vibrating at a heightened level, which gives an illusion the “thing”, is dense. All the human body is energy.  If our energy supply dried-up, the physical body could no longer sustain life. Something similar actually occurs when our cells stop […]