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To-Do List

Eat high protein mini-meals throughout day to keep blood glucose levels consistent; floss and brush teeth.  Incorporate whole grains for fiber.  Drink plenty of water to puff-up fiber and ensure regularity. Work out with exercise buddy.  Take multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.  Take ubiquinol supplement to maintain and support your healthy heart. Do you keep a mental to-do […]

Even the Experts Agree

Anytime a scientist admits to an epiphany concerning natural supplements it is a bright sun-shining day!  The day has finally come and scientists are amazed at the abilities of coenzyme Q10, especially its effectiveness against some cancers.  CO Q10, aka ubiquinone actually exists everywhere at once (omnipresent) a fact holistic practitioners have long been aware […]

Statins Gone Wild

When your cholesterol gets out of whack today, most doctors will prescribe statins.  These drugs seem to be handed out like candy today.  It is statins gone wild!  Unfortunately, there are negative consequences for going wild in this regard.  Statins deplete the human body of valuable Coenzyme Q10, but not all doctors will inform you […]

Naturally Nourishing

Have you ever wondered why some people in their 60s, or even 80s, have fresher skin than many others in their 30s and 40s?  You may blow it off to luck and natural beauty, but in most cases those with beautiful skin later in life are the ones who have nourished their skin naturally through […]

Increase The Odds Of Great Health!

Do you want to increase your odds of living a longer, healthy life?  There’s a crustacean that sea going people have long been aware of as having properties for great health.  While whales enjoy this shrimp-like creature as a healthy delicacy, we now reap powerful omega 3 benefits from the oil it produces.  And the […]