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Things You Won’t Miss ’till They’re Gone

Your lover going off to find himself; your child leaving for college; your memory.  So sorry, we’re not in the business of finding people and we don’t have a supply of children to fill your empty nest.  But, we can help your body recoup its mental clarity. Krill oil is a brain tonic that improves […]

Protect from the Inside Out

It’s impossible to escape free radicals. Sunshine, chemicals, pollution and even the air we breathe contribute to oxidative damage.  The modern stressful lifestyle exacerbates damage created by environmental toxins. Most of us don’t consume enough edible antioxidants from our diet to stave off free radicals.  We need to consider a natural supplement such as krill […]

Will You Accept This Krill Oil?

If “The Bachelor” was savvy about krill oil benefits, he might switch his token of affection from the traditional rose.  Imagine this final rose scene, “Will you accept this krill oil?”  Now, this would be real love, not the TV fantasy kind. Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in […]

If You Want To Win, You’ll Need To Lose

Although you might think we’re talking about weight loss, we’re referring to the loss of excessive triglycerides.  These pile up within our bloodstream, because of the poor Western diet we eat.  Westerners eat with no regard to our health and this sets our bodies up for the storage of triglycerides in our fat cells.  This […]

Take Control Of Your Future

The steps that we take now absolutely determine our future.  However, if you’re a person suffering with joint or general pain, then you might feel that your future isn’t something to look forward to.  If you feel that mainstream medicine only adds to your poor health symptoms, and if you’re not turned on by using […]