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You Gotta Have Heart!

Like the song lyrics remind – you gotta have miles and miles of heart.  Essentially, humans are heart-dependant.  Along with other functions, this vital organ is responsible for pushing blood through miles and miles of blood vessels.  To accomplish this monumental task alone, the heart requires endless energy. Therefore, cells in the heart demand more […]

Inspired By Nature! Intensified By Man!

As a result of the Green Revolution, more and more Americans are adding natural supplements to their health regime in order to prevent and/or reverse degenerative diseases.  Our bodies were genetically programmed to consume simple, natural foods like our caveman ancestors.  Over the years, we’ve moved away from a clean, whole food diet and are […]

Smart Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Now that pharmaceutical manufacturers can advertize drugs on TV, take a listen to some dreadful side-effects.  They range from allergic reactions to suicide ideation. Barbiturates, anti-depressants, tranquilizers are commonly prescribed for stress related symptoms.  If not so serious, it would be laughable that some cause depression, which is a symptom of stress! Wouldn’t it make […]

Think Fast! Where is your Kid in the Brain-Lane?

Parents want their kids to be smart, think fast and retain what they learn.  Unfortunately, few kids run in the fast brain-lane. A large part of brain development depends upon the daily diet.  Children who can’t focus or lack concentration typically ingest pure junk, like hot dogs, potato chips, cokes and sweets.  Even if you’re […]

Reinvent Yourself

Do you shuffle your feet, in attempt to make it from one Friday to the next?  Is your favorite form of exercise clicking from one channel to the next?  Do you get breathless from walking up one flight of stairs?  Is junk food your favorite food group?  If this describes your life, sounds like you’d […]