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Inspired By Nature! Intensified By Man!

As a result of the Green Revolution, more and more Americans are adding natural supplements to their health regime in order to prevent and/or reverse degenerative diseases.  Our bodies were genetically programmed to consume simple, natural foods like our caveman ancestors.  Over the years, we’ve moved away from a clean, whole food diet and are […]

Lean On Quality

If you use a walking cane for assistance, you likely chose a well-constructed aid, not a drugstore variety.  Still, your mobility is impeded, isn’t it?  What if you could put your stick away and lean on natural supplements instead? What if unlike NSAIDs from the drugstore, there were no nasty side-effects? Our healthy joint supplements […]

Bounce Back to Comfortable Activity

Have you noticed that chronic knee pain has changed your bounce to a dribble?  You have a chance to regain comfortable activity, avoiding knee surgery.  Glucosamine chrondroitin supplements are making walking a pleasure once again by promoting the restoration and repair of knee cartilage for millions of people. It is typical to notice relief from […]

Has the Music Stopped?

Accomplished musicians often remark that they “hear” music through their fingertips.  But, the music stops when a musician’s fingers develop arthritis.  The condition is common among musicians, because practicing their profession requires repetitive movements.  Cartilage cushions the joints, but any repetitive movement will eventually wear down the cartilage.  If you know a musician whose music […]

Natural Pain Relief

It’s common for most people to suffer from pain in their neck from time to time.  People experience neck strain pain from watching television, sleeping in a cramped position or from working on a computer.  No matter why you might be experiencing neck pain, have you thought about a natural supplement called gluscosamine chrondroitin? Degenerative […]