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My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part sixty-one)

If cutting calories to lose weight, you want to make sure your not just starving yourself to get skinny.  I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people do just exactly that.  And then they are mystified when they’ve lost the excess weight, started eating regularly again and they immediately gain all […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part sixty)

OK.  So the doctor told me it would be good to get into better shape.  And, making complete sense, that meant I needed to drop some weight.  To do that, I needed to do a little cardiovascular work, meaning some kind of physical activity, and be conscious of what I was eating.  So, what was […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part fifty-nine)

Looking back on the beginning of my examination of the choices I was making concerning health and nutrition, I’m surprised to recall that it really had nothing to do with what I called nutrition at all!  It wasn’t like I was looking for good herbalife diet plans!  The truth is, I was just not feeling […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part fifty-eight)

Whenever I get into the discussion about personal choices concerning health and nutrition, I immediately turn to what I’ve learned through my personal experience.  I wasn’t always on a diet herbalife program.  And there’s actually been a number of changes in my life choices. While I did work out some, and watched what I ate […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part fifty-seven)

Health, hygiene and nourishment are such important topics when it comes to lifestyle choices that the discussion about them will never stop. Obviously that’s why so many companies have been established to provide different products based on different theories concerning healthy living. I strongly encourage you to really do some research about these healthy living […]