Madrid.2.75Who is REK anyway? Actually REK is me, Roger Kern. Hello and welcome to my newly formed community blog, “REK’s Flections”. My middle name begins with ‘E’, I’ll let you guess what that stands for. Obviously the nickname, REK, comes directly from my initials. I used it as my log in name for trivial pursuit at my local pub and sure enough, it stuck! So I became REK and REK is me. I’m sure you can imagine how people have amused themselves while playing with that anagram, all the way from “rek me” to “erekt”, yet it was all meant in fun I’m sure. The blog name, “REK’s Flections” is meant to be a play on the word “reflections”. And since this blog will contain my, REK’s, reflections, I decided to call those thoughts and this blog, “REK’s Flections”. I hope that satisfies any curiosity that disturbed when first coming across this site.
At any rate, back to who is REK anyway? I’m a card carrying member of that enormous group known as the “Baby Boomers”. And like many of these old souls, I ventured into the internet marketing world trying to start up my own business and maybe become part of the modern world. Like almost all baby boomers, my kids grew up with computers as part of their world. I remember getting that first Macintosh as a gift for our children. I didn’t think it would be anything I’d ever have anything to do with other than just a word processor/typewriter!

My background happens to be in the theater world and entertainment industry. Yes, I have appeared on stage, TV and in a few films. I also direct plays and film and coach actors. Yet as time marched on, it came time to think of the waning years and retirement. Like most actors, all of my jobs have been short termed and came inconsistently. So, like many of my fellow baby boomers, I’ve been seeking ways to produce income as an independent entrepreneur. Thus I’ve arrived at the gates of the internet marketing world.

I’ve tried numerous niches over the years and am still involved in those pictured in the headliner banner of this blog. Some of my posts will comment on my experiences in those niches and the people I’ve necessarily crossed paths with while pursuing those areas of internet marketing and the work involved. In fact, this blog used to be a site pointing to my nutrition supplements and healthy weight loss sites. Funny how one thing leads to another! Exploring the internet marketing world is what led me to doing online option trading in the stock market. I was seeking any related niche in finance that I might promote as a product and I became mesmerized with the market. Option trading is my newly discovered passion and my training and experiences in the market are so intense that I’m sure many of my shares will be on that topic. Of course any input, feedback or info you might have to share about the market will be most welcome.

So, with a taste for the eclectic, I’ve now transformed this site, changed its name, and repurposed it into REK’sFlections, a community site. When I say community I mean a place where minds can communicate and share. I will not be selling anything here. Rather, I want to have a place where I can post shared reflections, thoughts, opinions, reviews and stories. And, I invite you to write and share anything you feel is relevant and worth sharing for myself and others to gain insight and helpful knowledge.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out REK’sFlections! Please enjoy! REK

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