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Creamy And Delicious!

If you’re working out to stay in shape and watching what you eat for nutritional and diet purposes like me, then meal replacements have become a part of your life too.  And there are many out on the market to choose from.  But the key word I mentioned was ‘nutritional’.  Because we couldn’t be working […]

When Nothing Else Works

I’ve been battling with weight fluctuations for several years now. Up until the time I was 25, I was as skinny as a rail and could eat whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences. But then my metabolism slowed and I packed on the pounds. For whatever reason, switching to a healthier diet had […]

Both Inside And Out!

Since the skin has proved to be the largest organ of our body, it stands to reason that it might need nutrition just like the inside of our body.  In fact, over the years, after much study, it’s been found that even antioxidant vitamins can be of great benefit to the skin!  This is the […]


Over thirty years ago, Mark Hughes began a nutrition oriented company named Herbalife.  For those thirty years, Herbalife has been among the leading producers of nutritional dietary supplements, creating products that focus on optimal nutrition at the cellular level.  Hence, cellular nutrition is a phrase often heard by over forty five million people who use […]

Replenish Your Face!

Replenishing the natural moisture in the skin is vital for keeping it smooth and supple.  Did you know you can use oils from sunflowers or olives to do that?  The trick is to find a formula that deeply hydrates using these kinds of ingredients in a way that avoids that greasy look or feeling! Multivitamin […]