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Invisible Soldiers

If you collect interesting facts, you’ll resonate with this one!  Invisible soldiers in our brain, called astaxanthins, fight the good fight against free radicals or oxidative damage.   The human body can’t manufacture them.  The only way we can get some is by consuming a rich natural source. Are you wondering if it’s worth the trouble […]

Your Heart Can Be In Top Shape

Do you know if your heart is functioning at top performance?  If you are a blood pressure patient, or if you’ve been diagnosed with other health conditions, then krill oil could be just what you need to turn things around.  You’d be surprised to learn about the benefits of krill oil for the heart, brain […]

Say Yes, Not No

We’re constantly hearing we should “just say no” to drugs and other forms of abusing our bodies.  But thinking negatively about some things might convince us to turn down some of the good things in life.  Are you willing to open your mind to the possibility that most natural therapies are beneficial instead of harmful? […]

Lengthen Your Life with Krill Oil

We still haven’t discovered the Fountain of Youth, but krill oil can help lengthen your life.  It includes large quantities of astaxanthin, which is the most powerful natural antioxidant we’ve discovered to date. Free oxidants are used by the body to protect against free radicals and cellular damage which can cause disease. Scientists have confirmed […]

The Future Is Now!

Our ancient ancestors believed the future is now.  What we do now, affects every aspect of our future.   But, when you’re fighting chronic pain and swollen joints of arthritis, the future might appear gloomy, like the past and present.  If you’re disgusted with mainstream medicines, stinky rubs and horse pills, are you willing to try […]