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Win by Losing

We’re not referring to losing weight (which incidentally, is a good thing!).  No, we’re talking about eliminating the excess triglycerides which accumulate in our bodies because of our Western way of life.  Eating whatever we want amounts to asking our bodies to store the extra calories in our fat cells, as triglycerides. And, we incur […]

Whale of a Bargain

Stunned, you watch them leap from the sea.  It is difficult to tear your eyes away and contentment settles upon you.  The whales emit that positive energy and direct it towards similar beings.  There is nothing fishy about finding a great bargain and that same energy.  Krill oil also provides great benefits and clarity to […]

Get Rid Of It

Are you taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for joint pain and inflammation?  How would you like to get rid of it?  It’s no secret NSAIDs have dreadful side effects.  Before there were alternatives available, we had to suffer NSAIDs consequences or live with swollen, painful joints. Today, we’re fortunate that natural therapies are in […]

The Future Is Now!

Our ancient ancestors believed the future is now.  What we do now, affects every aspect of our future.   But, when you’re fighting chronic pain and swollen joints of arthritis, the future might appear gloomy, like the past and present.  If you’re disgusted with mainstream medicines, stinky rubs and horse pills, are you willing to try […]

Up Your Odds!

Are you on a mission to up your odds for a healthy life? What if we told you about a sea creature that certain other sea creatures consider a delicacy?  What if we said this is not a new, improved version of anything, but a new valuable discovery about a routine causing benefits our fishing […]