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Don’t be Fooled by Diets

Have you ever noticed that diets just don’t work? Sure, you can cut carbs out of your diet or eliminate sugar from the foods you consume, but once your eating-right session has passed, you’re certain to pack on the pounds at your waistline. The solution is simple and it doesn’t involve looking for a newer […]

Health Specific Personalization!

Contributing highly to my choosing herbalife cellular nutrition, was the fact that herbalife had been around for about thirty years and enjoyed a great reputation for highly effective, natural products.  I really wanted something that’s effective, yet organic and drug free.  To me, this is the healthiest way to go. And even better, since herbalife […]

Healthy Power Source!

You know I’ve spent quite a bit of my time looking into what I think is the superior way to approach nutrition.  After much scrutiny, and a few experiments, when I personalized my program I wanted to make sure it included a couple specific things. First of all, I wanted to manage my weight with […]

The Search Goes On!

There’s a constant searching and exploration that’s ongoing in the nutrition world.  The research scientists and doctors make it part of daily life to find answers to questions not solved and improvements to methods we make practice of using.  This is something that I find comforting about the cellular nutrition program I’ve personally chosen for […]

Bright Shinning Eyes!

Did you know there’s a whole new school of thought about skincare?  Besides taking multivitamins as a dietary supplement, there are non-greasy skincare nutrient formulas that are infused with multivitamins to nourish and keep your skin looking and feeling just great! For instance, herbalife nourifusion multivitamin eye cream not only moisturizes, but tightens and firms […]