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My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part seven)

OK!  So cellular nutrition means feeding each cell optimally.  So then, if we eat all the right foods won’t that take care of it?  It would certainly seem so.  But then I remembered a scary statistic I’d heard.  It said facts regarding nutrition in the United States as stated by the American Medical Association showed […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part six)

As I understand it, the simplest way to explain cellular nutrition is that it’s the principle of providing the body with the optimal amount of the appropriate nutrition to each appropriate cell.  Along with the vital need for water (always required), cellular nutrition requires nutrients from all food groups! The countless cells in our bodies […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part five)

Well, here I was, less than a week into my herbalife diet plans, and feeling just great!  So great in fact, that I’m now becoming an avid investigator of all these products I was taking and loving!  You’ll recall I started by looking into cell activator… Examining information about, and taking, herbalife cell activator was […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part four)

Wanting to find out what the “enhancers” were, I decided to really focus and investigate thoroughly.  I found out the enhancers are a group of pharmaceutical grade herbalife supplements that are designed to provide extra support for the actual weight loss process during herbalife diet plans. In the advanced program there are five enhancers that […]

My Diet Herbalife Program Experience (part three)

What is cell activator..?  Is that a prison term?  And what the heck is “villi”??  Or total control?!  I thought I was going on an herbalife weight loss diet, not on some mystery suspense caper?! My first encounter with these herbalife supplements had my mind racing and my eyes as big a saucers!  It seemed […]