Wanting to find out what the “enhancers” were, I decided to really focus and investigate thoroughly.  I found out the enhancers are a group of pharmaceutical grade herbalife supplements that are designed to provide extra support for the actual weight loss process during herbalife diet plans.

In the advanced program there are five enhancers that come with the diet herbalife program.  They are: Cell Activator, Total Control, Cell-U-Loss, Herbal Concentrate (tea) and a Multivitamin Complex.  Turns out there’s other enhancers too!  Like Snack Defense, Thermo-Bond, Aminogen and Personalized Protein Powder.  You can add these to your herbalife weight loss diet should you choose, and all of them come with what’s called the ultimate program!

As it turns out, cell activator isn’t a prison term at all!  I has something to do with those “villi” and feeding each and every cell in your body!

Now I really wanted to look into these enhancer herbalife supplements one at a time and find out what they’ll do for me.  I decided to start with cell activator.

more on this tomorrow….           TurboSlim

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