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Live to See the Sun Rise

What do you look forward to every morning?  You may look forward to seeing the smiling faces of your children or your spouse, but what about just being thankful for the fact that you are alive to rise with the sun?  When you take your Coenzyme Q10 supplement daily, you will live to see many […]

Chiropractic Doctors Touch on Arthritis

Holistic care encourages chiropractic treatment because those doctors go beyond mainstream medical limitations.  Eagerness to determine what is causing discomfort marks the skilled chiropractor.  We invited doctors of chiropractic to touch on arthritis pain and possible value from glucosamine chrondroitin.  The overwhelming response was no surprise, as they affirmed their belief about the supplement repairing […]

Bounce Back to Comfortable Activity

Have you noticed that chronic knee pain has changed your bounce to a dribble?  You have a chance to regain comfortable activity, avoiding knee surgery.  Glucosamine chrondroitin supplements are making walking a pleasure once again by promoting the restoration and repair of knee cartilage for millions of people. It is typical to notice relief from […]

All is Energy, So Make Sure You Have Enough

“All is energy” is an important principle of metaphysics.  The things we perceive as solid objects are actually energy vibrating at high speeds.  The rapid vibrations give us the illusion that those “objects” are solid.  The entire human body consists of energy, and if the energy supply dries up, the body becomes incapable of sustaining […]

Candid Views of Supplements

It is very confusing to see how much glucosamine chondroitin supplement is needed to help with the cartilage-building requirements of the body.  Healthy individuals typically have little problem letting the body do the work naturally.  Changes in the body such as arthritis and aging affect the natural supply production, as do injuries and intense activity. […]