Stock Market Education Realization.1These days the primary focus among my list of passions, and believe me there’s a list because I’m trying to find what really works, is on my training and exploring the options trading sector of the stock market. I began reflecting on how I got here. As I’ve mentioned before, like a lot of baby boomers these days, I’m trying to enhance my income for retirement and life style in general. That’s what led me to starting an internet marketing business in the first place.

One day doing my routine of seeking out lucrative niches, I found myself looking over financial niches that one might base a site on and possibly offer some related product online. Low and behold I became fascinated with the market and found myself signing up for extensive, and rather expensive, classes to train for investing in options!

Well, I simply fell in love with the stock market. I have to admit I find it extremely exciting and engaging. And I do feel there is enormous potential for gaining income from trading options. Just yesterday I watched an interview on CNBC with a fellow showing that for 2015 there’s a higher potential to profit from the market that in real estate. And from the way the economy is right now, I believe he’s right!

Why options? Because of the leverage. You can by contracts of 100 shares at a compressed price and for the time before that option expires, you control ownership of those shares. Of course you need to make informed choices about numerous aspects of each stock, and that’s where extensive and expensive training comes in. There’s no peace of mind without it!                      REK

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