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You Gotta Have Heart!

Like the song lyrics remind – you gotta have miles and miles of heart.  Essentially, humans are heart-dependant.  Along with other functions, this vital organ is responsible for pushing blood through miles and miles of blood vessels.  To accomplish this monumental task alone, the heart requires endless energy. Therefore, cells in the heart demand more […]

Stressed? Soldier-on!

Stress is inevitable in our society.  It affects your physical body in myriad negative ways.  When stress leads to chronic pain and depression, it gets more and more difficult to soldier-on.  As health-conscious individuals, we should make every effort to find effective treatment because stress is a prime risk factor for heart disease. During stressful […]

To-Do List

Eat high protein mini-meals throughout day to keep blood glucose levels consistent; floss and brush teeth.  Incorporate whole grains for fiber.  Drink plenty of water to puff-up fiber and ensure regularity. Work out with exercise buddy.  Take multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.  Take ubiquinol supplement to maintain and support your healthy heart. Do you keep a mental to-do […]

Getting to the Heart of Your Health

It is ironic that most women could not accurately describe the most common symptoms of heart attack and stroke if asked right now, yet the leading cause of death for women is heart disease.  This is why many women do not realize they are having heart attacks or strokes until it is too late.  It’s […]

A Supplement that’s a Real Superstar

People refer to high blood pressure as the “silent killer” because it doesn’t have many obvious symptoms.  That’s a scary thought.  But, when you consider it along with traditional medications, the aging process and other factors that lead to less coenzyme Q10 (CO Q10) in the body, it actually becomes frightening.  Every system in your […]