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Which is Better – Surgery or Supplement?

If your choices are having surgery or taking a natural supplement, which option would you choose?  What would you do if you could save your teeth without submitting to gum surgery?  Although some people are skeptics, natural remedies have been helping people for hundreds of years. Periodontal disease, caused by bacteria which form plaque, is […]

Rebels With A Cause

About challenging mainstream medicine, just call us rebels with a cause.  Holistic treatment, herbs and alternative modalities continue to be viewed “controversial” by a majority of conventional medical practitioners.  One might speculate whether “they” would rather be right or dead.  For instance, coenzyme Q10 is among numerous supplements proven authentic by scientific studies. The total […]

All Is Energy

A metaphysical tenet states: “All is energy”.  Things we see as a solid is energy vibrating at a heightened level, which gives an illusion the “thing”, is dense. All the human body is energy.  If our energy supply dried-up, the physical body could no longer sustain life. Something similar actually occurs when our cells stop […]

Limitless Possibilities

As clinical researchers delve deeply into health benefits of coenzyme Q10, it’s possible the supplement offers limitless possibilities. Each body cell relies on CO Q10 for energy and guarding against invasion of free radicals.  We are aware its potential remains untapped; however, along side powerful heart protection, great strides have been made in brain health. […]