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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (not)

 If you stay abreast of clinical studies, you’ve heard about the connection between insomnia and escalated risks of heart disease.  For example, pursuant to 15 research studies involving 475,000 participants, a link was established between chronic sleep deprivation and a 48% heightened risk of dying due to heart disease. Coenzyme Q10 is a heart-friendly natural […]

Limitless Possibilities

As clinical researchers delve deeply into health benefits of coenzyme Q10, it’s possible the supplement offers limitless possibilities. Each body cell relies on CO Q10 for energy and guarding against invasion of free radicals.  We are aware its potential remains untapped; however, along side powerful heart protection, great strides have been made in brain health. […]

Nurture Naturally

Habits, behaviors and lifestyle choices affect the health and appearance of our skin.  So, why do some people in their 80s and 90s enjoy vibrant skin?  Possibly, they have learned how to nurture naturally.  If you haven’t entertained the thought of nurturing your skin on a cellular level, have we got news for you! Coenzyme […]

Good Health Enhances Daily Living

One of the most amazing contributions to our health, nitric oxide lets our body maximize the capability of power by providing more endurance and strength.  When used properly, nitric oxide can produce huge muscle gains. Other benefits are increased sexual performance, boosts to the immune system and better overall health.  These are all great features […]

Caught In A Health Trap?

Cardiovascular disease (relates to heart and blood vessels) accounts for more than 2200 of American’s deaths every day, according to the American Heart Association’s recent update. If you’re concerned that you may be caught in a health trap, take “heart”, you can get out. Taking a circulation booster before bedtime helps to sustain healthy blood pressure to […]