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Super Help!

Exfoliation has been described and explained many, many times over the years.  And by now, I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows that it’s the most effective way of sloughing off dried and/or dead skin cells to allow the newest skin to appear on the outermost surface of the body.  This obviously is […]

Complete Exfoliation

It is so very important to remember when focusing on skincare that the ultimate goal is always to reveal the newest, most youthful looking skin on all parts of the body, not just the face.  A primary process for accomplishing this is the process of exfoliation.  Exfoliation sloughs off the oldest and/or dead skin cells […]

Less Pocket Book Pain!

Here’s a case made about dealing with cellulite from a typical conversation between two of my team members, and I thought it was worth sharing.  Essentially the thought was that as opposed to deciding on high priced and potentially very painful liposuction methods, why not allow nature to go to work while using something like […]

From Head To Toe!

We’ve been talking about making sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin to make sure you present your most youthful look.  And, of course, this same regimen applies to the skin of the entire body as well.  What you’ve been doing with your facial treatments besides thorough cleansing, is gentle exfoliation which allows the newest skin […]

Wash Face!

Well, it never stops and it’s not going to!  Aging, unfortunately, is a simple fact of nature.  Even if we want to stop it, we really cannot.  But, since there are so many of us who want to know tips about turning back the clock, here’s what I just heard on a radio interview. A […]