Insider Advice Your Doctor Won’t Give You

It is our responsibility to keep you informed about holistic health advice.  For example, are you are one of millions of Americans taking statin drugs to treat high cholesterol?  Chances are great your doctor didn’t address the importance of supplementing with coenzyme Q10 for optimal heart health.  Mainstream practitioners won’t give you this critical information because they don’t endorse using the supplement.

Even though studies show statins deplete CO Q10!  One significant study found harmful side-effects of statins so monumental, participants stopped taking the drug and were supplemented with CO Q10 until the side-effects resolved.  Our insider advice may just save your life.

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Damaged-Goods – NOT!

Don’t let annoying people convince you that you’re damaged goods because you hobble around due to joint pain.  Arthritis affects millions of Americans and you just happen to be one of them.  You are more than the disease.  You are a worthwhile person. We’ll let you in on a secret those annoying people don’t know.

Joint function can be restored by “feeding” them Glucosamine Chrondroitin.  When our joints malfunction, it is a sign they require correct nutrition.  The natural supplement helps replenish lubricating fluid and builds new cartilage.  The body will begin healing itself and bones will quit grinding on each other.  Damaged goods? Not you!

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Better Balance! Better Mood! Better Mental Health Now!

Frazzled, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, tense, blue, moody – all these symptoms of stress can cause even the most positive individual to lose clarity and balance. We have such exciting news for you! No longer do you have to “cope” or “deal” with stress. MegaRed Krill Oil has been linked to balanced brain function, improved memory and enhanced cognition.

In one study, thirty adult participants, with concentration issues were given supplements for 90 days. Their focus improved 48.9%; concentration heightened 46%. MegaRed Krill Oil has proven effective in lowering consequences of stress. Even those with excessive mood swings and chronic depression have experienced improvements in their mental health.

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Invisible Soldiers

If you collect interesting facts, you’ll resonate with this one!  Invisible soldiers in our brain, called astaxanthins, fight the good fight against free radicals or oxidative damage.   The human body can’t manufacture them.  The only way we can get some is by consuming a rich natural source.

Are you wondering if it’s worth the trouble to search for a natural source?  It’s no trouble at all!  Krill oil is rich in astaxanthins the super-antioxidants, which are more powerful than beta-carotene, vitamin E or vitamin C.  Most impressive, astaxanthins in krill oil cross blood brain barriers to encourage healthy brain functioning.  Are you ready to enlist your invisible soldiers now?

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Who Else wants to be Chronically Healthy?

As we age, we get chronic – chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chronic illnesses and the list goes on.  It is our good fortune that scientists have uncovered one of the main reasons for low energy levels associated with aging.  Around age 40, our body slows production of coenzyme Q10.  Not only is this detrimental to our heart health, the enzyme is an energy booster.

CO Q10 changes food into energy in each body system on a deep cellular level.  It also increases muscle function.  The heart is the largest muscle in the body and is dependent upon CO Q10 for optimal functioning.

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