Brain-Drain Solution No-Brainer

It’s happened to most of us.  We’re in mid-sentence when the subject of the conversation up and disappears.  Some people laugh and mumble something about a “brain-drain”.  Or, a less sophisticated person might comment, “I’ve had a brain-fart.”  No, you don’t require a brain-transplant.  The solution is a no-brainer.

Nourish your brain with krill oil supplements!  The brain craves nutrients.  It is composed of about 60% fats.  Your brain doesn’t have energy to sustain its functioning ability unless you ingest plenty of omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Americans eat mostly omega-6 fats.  Our consumption of essential brain fatty acids has declined over 80%.  Give your brain what it wants – krill oil.

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (not)

 If you stay abreast of clinical studies, you’ve heard about the connection between insomnia and escalated risks of heart disease.  For example, pursuant to 15 research studies involving 475,000 participants, a link was established between chronic sleep deprivation and a 48% heightened risk of dying due to heart disease.

Coenzyme Q10 is a heart-friendly natural supplement we highly recommend.  Back to clinical studies – we are disappointed in research, which “substantiates” insomnia as a side-effect of CO Q10.  We contend researchers don’t pursue the supplement’s ability to amplify energy.  In consequence, some people get too ramped-up to sleep.  An easy-fix is to taper dosage down until it’s compatible with healthy sleep.

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Better Life Plan

We don’t advocate the popular pain maintenance plan.  Maintaining your pain is like extending an invitation to perpetual pain.  Instead, we encourage you to make a better life plan, which includes tweaking an unhealthy diet, exercising regularly and supplementing with Neptune Krill Oil (NKO).

It is most unfortunate that the diet Americans consume is not only lacking in vital nutrients, we eat an excess of omega-6 fatty acids in white flour, sweets and treats.  NKO supplies 15 times as many healthy omega-3 fatty acids as unhealthy omega-6s to correct the imbalance.  As a result, the inflammation caused by joint and arthritic disparity is reduced, along with pain.

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Nature’s Nervine

Do you suffer from “functional hysterical disturbances”, nervous headache, indigestion or St. Vitus’ dance?  If so, perhaps you need a swig of Dr. Miles Nervine!  With “safe” ingredients such as Phenobarbital, Demerol and powdered laxatives, the patient should feel better or die.  However, our ancestors religiously swallowed Dr. Miles’ patent medicine to remain calm and collected.

Fortunately, we don’t stock this cure-all, but how about considering Nature’s Nervine?  We’re talking MegaRed Krill Oil, which makes no promise it can’t keep.  We know from clinical studies: krill oil vastly improves brain health; memory; cognition; clarity and mood.  There is positive proof it is highly-absorbable by the body. Are you convinced?

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Brain-Preparedness for Golden Years

We’re aware of the joys associated with an orderly life.  You wouldn’t proceed to bake a cake without proper ingredients, would you? Could you finish a novel without formulating a plot?  Yet, it’s amazing how many people sit back and wait for their golden years without preparing their brain!

We now know cognitive decline is preventable.  Krill oil is mined from tiny crustaceans in cold, pristine waters of Antarctica.  This habitat keeps the krill fish free from heavy metals like mercury and its omega-3 fatty acids aren’t oxidized.  Also rich in antioxidants, krill oil nourishes the brain. In supplement form, krill oil improves concentration, memory and alertness.

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