Naysayer or Yeasayer?

It’s easy to become cranky and negative when we are plagued by stiff, sore, painful joints. It’s comfortable to dwell on our pain and feel sorry for ourselves. After all, we didn’t imagine our life this way! We had goals and dreams, before arthritis. The awesome thing is – we are at choice to change from naysayer to yeasayer!

Glucosamine Chrondroitin in supplement form is not a miracle cure, but it’s close enough to count. In about a month you will feel different. Morning stiffness will noticeably improve. All-day pain will dwindle. You can’t see its remarkable inner-effects, but Glocasamine Chrondroitin is busy repairing damage and building healthy cartilage. Together let’s shout, “Yea!”

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Better Balance! Better Mood! Better Mental Health Now!

Frazzled, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, tense, blue, moody – all these symptoms of stress can cause even the most positive individual to lose clarity and balance. We have such exciting news for you! No longer do you have to “cope” or “deal” with stress. MegaRed Krill Oil has been linked to balanced brain function, improved memory and enhanced cognition.

In one study, thirty adult participants, with concentration issues were given supplements for 90 days. Their focus improved 48.9%; concentration heightened 46%. MegaRed Krill Oil has proven effective in lowering consequences of stress. Even those with excessive mood swings and chronic depression have experienced improvements in their mental health.

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This is Your Brain on Krill Oil

We apologize to the creative mind who symbolically visualized our brain on drugs as fried eggs.  Your brain won’t fry on krill oil, but it will fire-up.  You can face any obstacle, large or small when you take quality krill oil supplements.

A major portion of brain-juice is made-up of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 phospholipids contained in krill oil are key components for optimal brain cell functioning.  When the brain is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, it acts like the brain on drugs.  We forget to remember, suffer mood swings and have trouble concentrating. Do yourself a great favor – get your brain on krill oil.

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To-Do List

Eat high protein mini-meals throughout day to keep blood glucose levels consistent; floss and brush teeth.  Incorporate whole grains for fiber.  Drink plenty of water to puff-up fiber and ensure regularity. Work out with exercise buddy.  Take multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.  Take ubiquinol supplement to maintain and support your healthy heart.

Do you keep a mental to-do list?  If so, and you’re above age 40, have cardiovascular or other medical issues, consider adding ubiquinol.  The supplement is highly absorbable and optimizes CO Q10 plasma within your body.  Ubiquinol works on a cellular level to protect heart cells from free radical oxidative damage and boost energy production.

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Supercharge Your Brain

If we say “stress”, what image comes into your mind?  If you see a mind-picture of yourself, let’s talk about ways to supercharge your brain.  We’re not talking the same, tired advice to “push through” stress to the other side. Pushing through can push you over the edge.  You know how it feels to be happy.  Our aim is to help you get happy again.

Mega Red Krill Oil contains astaxanthin a powerful antioxidant that is able to cross the blood brain barrier to protect our brain and central nervous system from effects of free radicals.  It is also packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, which are proven to stabilize mood and counteract depression.

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