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Care Free For Kiddies!

“I want to keep the kiddies happy and still make them take their vitamins”.  This is a comment that’s often heard when parents of little ones are facing the responsibilities of raising young children.  And, the good news for them is that there are various ways of taking care of that challenge each day that […]

Protein Winner!

Protein is, simply put, very important.  I’ve heard it referred to as the basic building block of our muscle tissue, but further it’s important for our hair, bones, all of our organs and our blood.  Therefore, protein is vitally important wouldn’t you say? On top of everything else, protein is very helpful with weight loss.  […]

Solid Foundation!

You know, I’m not a doctor or a nutrition specialist, but it didn’t take much thinking at all to figure out just how vital proper nutrition is to good health.  Granted when I was quite young, and thought that I would never die, let alone even get sick, I didn’t think much about the topic […]

Sure Beats Fast Food!

When you’re able to find the right kinds of meal replacements, often you’re going to find one of the most popular forms they take is a smoothie or protein shake.  For me, because I still work out, I prefer protein shakes.  And, if you’re at all like me, you really want to know the contents […]

Confidence To Go The Distance!

Confidence is sometimes so very hard to come by.  All of us are only human and, let’s face it, often it’s a lot easier to give up than to persevere.  As the old saying goes, a lot of things are a “lot easier said than done”!  So when we approach a task or a challenge, […]