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What Works For You?

All I can say is that for the past several years I’ve been following a diet program I discovered at that time and I simply just never left off it.  The only clear reason I have for this is that I hadn’t felt this well for years before I started cellular nutrition. Honestly, I’ve become […]

A Personal Choice

When considering the quality of life I would choose, many different thoughts come to mind, but no surprise, it always lands on good health.  The old adage seems to be true, without your health, you have nothing.  So all the riches in the world really cannot replace good health because it really is essential to […]

Muscle Protein

Since protein is the most prevalent substance, next to water, found in our human bodies, it’s obvious that we must have protein in our diet simply to sustain life itself.  And, since protein is particularly found in muscle tissue, it’s clear that protein is a good thing to focus on if you’re looking to build […]

How About Super Supplements?

We’ve recently mentioned the term, “superfoods”, and it’s important to note that these particular food items have gained a lot of attention in the nutrition world lately.  And for good reason.  The food value of these items such as blueberries, avocados, pumpkins, artichokes and fava beans, to mention a few, are truly power packed with […]

Delightful Power Of Protein!

Well, by now everyone’s figured out the importance and power of protein.  Nutritionally speaking for humans, we must digest protein to gain the necessary amino acids for our body’s growth and maintenance. Consequently, our diets really need to deliver both essential and non-essential amino acids for good health. Being the main structural ingredient, protein is […]